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QXMC operates Wildlife and Adventures Tours in Toba Valley since 2016. This exciting opportunity begins with Klahoose Coastal Adventures. Our local Klahoose First Nation guides hail from the traditional territory of the Toba Valley (Yekwamen), and are trained with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association

On your grizzly bear viewing tour into Toba Inlet you may see dolphins, seals, eagles, Humpback whales, Orca and waterfalls and the spectacular coastal scenery. Upon arriving in Toba Inlet you will receive a warm traditional welcome for our Klahoose guides. A tour van will transport you to the grizzly bear viewing areas a short drive away. Arriving at the viewing area the highlight of the tour is the chance to see grizzly bears feasting in their natural habitat along the remote wilderness river. From fixed viewing towers we have optimal sight lines to view the grizzly bears. The rugged coastal vistas and pristine ocean scenery is breathtaking. Visits to Yekwamen - Toba Inlet, our traditional territory, brings strength, opportunity and threads our past with our framework of modern life. 

Tours to Toba Inlet to view Grizzly Bears depart Campbell River from late August to October, or with with packages at our Klahoose Wilderness Resort. 

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