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Sa'y'ilh (Gorge Harbour) ~ two waters in one

Discover the tranquility and untamed splendor of Cortes Island at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort. Nestled on the cusp of Desolation Sound, renowned as one of the world's premier cruising destinations, our locale teems with natural wonders and time-honored traditions. Whether you journey by land or by sea, our Marina serves as a welcoming haven, offering a cozy retreat for intrepid explorers of Cortes Island, Desolation Sound, and the Discovery Islands.


Nestled along the tranquil northwest shore of Gorge Harbour, our full-service Marina boasts breathtaking vistas of British Columbia's rugged west coast. Guests can bask in the beauty while moored at our docks, or choose from a variety of accommodations, including our Lodge, cottage, RV Park, campground, and enchanting glamping domes.

Indulge in our range of amenities, including a store, refreshing outdoor swimming pool, and delectable food truck offerings. Experience the essence of coastal living at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort. 

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